Since the turn of the 20th century, the Georgian Bay Islands have been a renowned destination for tourists and outdoor enthusiasts alike. The Georgian Bay itself is sometimes referred to as the sixth Great Lake and boasts more than 30,000 islands and 2,000 kilometres of shoreline. With crystal clear waters, iconic scenery, and spectacular bluffs, the Georgian Bay Islands (particularly Honey Harbour) have a little bit of something for everyone. We encourage you to explore a handful of the 63 islands that are within the region near Hall’s Cottages. Here are some of our favourite daytime activities to enjoy while visiting our waterfront Honey Harbour resort.


Since the commercialization of geographical positioning systems—or GPS—geocaching has caught on as an amusive treasure hunting activity enjoyed by people, young and old, all over the world. Hidden containers, referred to as caches, are filled with notes or objects that previous participants left for the next person to find. Sometimes items are related to the locations in which they are found, but they can also be random. What will you find?


Picnic tables and gazebos are offered at various locations throughout the area; however, you can also seek out and stake a claim on one of the many beaches or clearings on the islands. The area has a myriad of options available in the day-use section, and there are also several docking stations in case you’d like to eat your meal on the water. Hall’s Cottages itself has several acres of prime picnicking space.


The Georgian Bay Islands offer a diverse fish population ranging from perch to muskellunge. With several inlets, points, and weed lines, anglers could spend days fishing and still not hit every spot. The best fishing will be had from a boat, but there are also plenty of flourishing access-points from shore, including right here in our serene bay.

Hiking and Biking

All the official trails near Hall’s Cottages offer a wide range of difficulty, from a leisurely jaunt to a challenging gallivant. All of the trails provide scenic beauty and a candid look into the diverse ecosystem and wildlife within it. If you prefer a wheeled adventure, the Georgian Bay Islands’ many trails allow bicyclists to explore the mature forests biomes that exemplify the region. Whether you are biking or hiking, it’s essential to equip supportive footwear and insect repellent. 

Hall’s Cottages in Honey Harbour

As temperatures begin to rise and the final bits of ice melt and float off into the horizon, the time to find the best Georgian Bay cottages is right now. After an exciting day exploring the area, put your feet up at Halls Cottages. With 14 contemporary dwellings that offer picturesque views and modern amenities, you’ll find peace when it’s time to turn in. 

To learn more, please visit us online or call 705-756-2462 and let Hall’s Cottages be your home away from home.