Winter has finally come to an end, and spring has sprung, but how does anyone know when one ends, and the other begins? Now that spring is in full swing, and the days grow longer, it’s the perfect time to plan your stay with Halls Cottages in Ontario Canada. Delight yourself in nature by taking moments to savor the scent of flowers, treat your dog with a walk at sunset, or spend more time with the family in the great outdoors. Keep your camera ready as you traverse through our favorite hiking trails in Ontario near our Honey Harbour cottages.

McCrae Lake Conservation Trail

Gaze upon a clear blue sky and feel as though you’ve walked right into a painting as your heart fills with joy on McCrae Lake Trail. You’ll experience spectacular views with elevated rock beds, an endless sea of greenery, and beautiful flowers like pink lady’s slippers sprinkled along the way! There are many gorgeous photo opportunities, whether you’re crossing over the McCrae Lake bridge or savoring the stunning views of Crows Nest lookout, which is a tall rock hovering over the Georgian Bay. Listen to the rapids and waterfalls with each step you take, adding to the natural sounds throughout your quest. With a vast mix of forestry, Canadian Shield granite, and white pine grove along the way, you’ll understand why McCrae Lake is one of our favorite hiking trails in Ontario.

Beausoleil Island

Feel the refreshing breeze of Chimney Bay as you hop on a short fifteen-minute ride to the north end of Beausoleil Island from Parks Canada Day Tripper shuttle service. Fairy Trail is composed of rock barrens and wetlands. The trail is filled with colorful rock ridges that will be a highlight of your stay while at Halls Cottages in Ontario. Take time to sit and ponder the views of the windswept pines reflecting perfectly on the still water, wondering where the bottom of the trees end and the waters of Fairy Lake begin. Faded pink rocks of the Canadian Shield will be seen throughout this unforgettable walk. Nearby Honeymoon Bay offers areas to swim, so be sure to bring your swimsuit along!

hiking in OntarioPeaceful Honey Harbor Cottages

Spring goes by all to quickly, so take time to enjoy the awakening of nature with blooming flowers, sprouting greens, and singing birds. After a full day of hiking trails in Ontario, roast marshmallows and tell ghost stories by the firepit with your loved ones on your Canadian vacations to Halls Cottages. Take advantage of our Halls Cottages BBQ facilities and great views of Georgian Bay. Call 1-705-756-2462 to book your stay at one of our tranquil Halls Cottages today.