Part of what makes a vacation special is exploring the unknown and trying new things. One of the best ways to satiate your curiosity is dining. Sinking your teeth into a local favourite or a regional staple is the first step in immersing yourself in your visiting location. Nowadays, people are rethinking their dining experience, as indoor seating can be somewhat limited. The good news is that several excellent Honey Harbour restaurants offer takeout, meaning food can be picked up and enjoyed either at your cottage or a nearby park or beach for a picnic. Since there are many Georgian Bay restaurants to choose from, we decided to share some useful information on some of our favourites.

Some of the Best Honey Harbour Restaurants

Honey Harbour restaurants play a pivotal role in making our beloved community a highly sought vacation destination for people all over the Georgian Bay and beyond. We want to share a couple of the best eateries with you to give you an idea of where to order takeout in Honey Harbour. You can also find a list of restaurants by visiting the Southeast Georgian Bay Chamber of Commerce.

Nicolas’ Restaurant

Nothing says delectable like family-style home-cooked cuisine, which is the main focus and Nicolas’ Restaurant. This charming eatery offers traditional pub fare with a Mediterranean twist. A local favourite of all Honey Harbor restaurants, Nicolas’ provides a wide variety of breakfast, lunch, and dinner plates. If you are up for trying something different, the Moussaka Dinner is a hearty Greek dish that combines eggplant, potatoes, zucchini, and specially seasoned ground beef topped with Béchamel sauce.

Thrive Foods Cafe & Marketplace

The best part about Thrive Foods Cafe is that they are more than just an eatery. Aside from their delicious paninis, sandwiches, wraps, and burritos, they also have a selection of specialty coffee and tea and fresh baked goods. What’s more, they also have a grocery store, so if you’d like to grab some provisions and make your meals, they’ll have you covered!

Cottages in Ontario: The Perfect Georgian Bay Getaway

One of Georgian Bay’s most endearing qualities is it maintains its status as a premier vacation hot spot throughout the year. Whether you want to go hiking or ice fishing, there are always plenty of things to do in our slice of paradise. With fully equipped kitchens and dining areas in all of our cabins, you won’t have to worry about which Honey Harbour restaurants have ample seating at Hall’s Cottages. For more information and to reserve your cottage, please visit us online or call 705-756-2462.