By now, the secret is out that walleye fishing in Ontario is some of the best in North America. Every year, thousands of eager anglers flock to the pristine waters that speckle our expansive landscape in search of their personal best walleye. Typically they do pretty well, further cementing Ontario as a premier fishing destination. Hall’s Cottages in Honey Harbour is ideally located on the Georgian Bay, one of Canada’s most productive fisheries. To give you a leg-up on the competition, we’ve put together a few tips for walleye fishing in Ontario. 

Tips for Summer Walleye Fishing in Ontario

The most significant factor in determining how well you will do targeting walleye is understanding their behavioral patterns. Presentations, lures, and baits that work well in the spring and fall don’t always transfer over to summer. Changes in temperature, cloud cover, and barometric pressure all can affect how walleyes interact with their surroundings. Because of these conditions, your ability to adapt and try new techniques is paramount to your success while walleye fishing in Ontario. 


As water temperatures rise in  the summer, most walleye will retreat from shallow water and head to the deeper parts of the lake. The keyword here is “most.” As for the walleye that stick around, they will remain there for most of the summer, posing a formidable challenge for those fishing near shore. Walleyes that choose not to venture to deep water tend to occupy weeded areas, so presenting right outside of the weed line can often prove to be effective. Any open spaces within the weedbed is an excellent place to make your presentation. Remember, walleye are hunters, so they like to hang out in the weeds. If you plop your bait outside of the weeds, the walleyes are much more likely to see what you are offering. Another sound approach is to present within the water column from the top of the weeds to the surface of the lake or river you are fishing. 

Night Time Is the Right Time

While many have been caught on sunny afternoons, walleyes prefer low-light conditions for hunting. Therefore, it is crucial to target them during hours right before dusk and continue into the night. You’ll want to use a lure that can mimic the antics of a flailing minnow and transmit some type of vibration, whether it be sound or motion. While many anglers associate chatterbaits with bass fishing, they have proven to be useful when targeting walleye at night.

Fishing Cottages in Ontario at Honey Harbour

A proud fisherman displays his walleye bounty with glee.On Friday, June 5th, the province of Ontario has decided to allow short-term rental operations to resume effective immediately! Hall’s Cottages in Honey Harbour is conveniently located right on the Georgian Bay and have provided anglers from far and wide the perfect home away from home. It’s no wonder that so many choose Hall’s for summer walleye fishing with affordable rates and unfettered access to the Georgian Bay and Honey Harbour. For more information on how we can facilitate your Ontario vacation, please contact us online or call 705-756-2462.