With so many great waterways in the province, it’s no wonder that fishing in Ontario offers an excellent chance to land a personal best of various sportfish species. Quite possibly one of the most popular bodies of water for fishing in Ontario is the Georgian Bay. Often referred to as “The Sixth Great Lake” the Georgian Bay has over 30,000 islands with more than 2,000 kilometers of shoreline. Now, knowing where to go for Georgian Bay fishing can be somewhat of a challenge, but we are fortunate to have several Honey Harbour cottages for you to enjoy your Ontario vacation. 

Georgian Bay Fishing: What to Target

Possibly the best part about Georgian Bay fishing is the plethora of fish available to target. Everything from catfish to muskellunge reside in the Georgian Bay. Here are a few of the more popular fish species sought after by many anglers fishing in Ontario. 

  • Smallmouth bass are some of the most highly sought after game fish in North America. Known for their strength, these scrappy guys are sure to give any angler a run for their money. 
  • Walleye fishing and fishing in Ontario are almost synonymous. Whether you are seeking out a string of eaters or a personal best, Georgian Bay has plenty of “wallies.” 
  • Northern pike aren’t always sought after for their meat, however they are one of the best tasting smoked fish you can find and are delicacy when pickled, otherwise the big ones make great wall mounts. 
  • Muskellunge are the bigger cousin to the northern pike and are known as the fish of 10,000 casts because of the challenge they present to fishermen and women. It is not recommended to feast on muskies as they are an apex predator and as such can bioaccumulate toxins. Additionally, they are considered a low density fish and therefore their populations can’t sustain continual harvest. 
  • Various trout and salmon species inhabit the Georgian Bay and are some of the most delicious fish you can catch. Baked, smoked, or pan fried, these salmonids are guaranteed to tickle your taste buds. 

Fishing in Ontario at Hall’s Cottages

A two joyous men standing on a dock as they show off a freshly caught fish. Ontario fishing resorts are a dime a dozen, but if you are seeking comfortable quarters with adequate access to some of the best fishing in Ontario, look no further than Hall’s Cottages. Located in beautiful Honey Harbour, our lakefront cottage resort is the gateway to the Georgian Bay and promises to be an unforgettable Ontario vacation. Please contact us online or call 705-756-2462 to learn more about how we can accommodate your Georgian Bay fishing adventure.